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Sunday, September 21, 2014

System Restore: Laptop crashing

Few days before, I was in rush to log off my laptop, and did not bother clicking the ever-appearing pop ups, asking me to allow files to close, etc.

I went out for several hours.

Back at home, I opened my laptop... only to find everything in there has gone back to its default state, like the factory settings.

I was furious. I had no idea why it suddenly became like that, and after almost an hour trying to fix it by myself, I began to feel hopeless. It was so upsetting to find the laptop in such a state because I had quite a number of files vanished.

I've asked my bros and also my friends, but they had no idea how to restore the setting either. The only solution: go to the laptop service center. Ugh.

For some time, I used my other laptop, and did my other stuff, and delayed my going to the service center.

But then, out of boredom, I tried finding the solutions from the internet, just to test my luck... in case, there were people who had experienced the same thing.

Searching for a while, I didn't get the answer to my case, because the solutions they gave were such complicated ones that I didn't even understand any of it. *what's with 'command this' 'command that'?

Then, with my limited computer skills, I randomly opened the Control Panel and went straight to System and Security, as I remembered my bro told me something related to the system.

I found some terms about the System Restore... and though my understanding of computer is only limited to using Microsoft Office and Photo Editing software, I guessed that perhaps this System Restore thingy was somehow connected to my problem.

And so, without hesitating even for a bit (since I had nothing to lose, it's lost anyway) I clicked the restore link, and it gave me the choices to the dates/time I wanted to have the settings back.

Then, I chose THAT DAY, the date when I logged off hurriedly... 

.... I needed to restart.

.... TADA! Oh, Thank God!

It came back! Everything that I thought was gone has BACK! *sniff

Turned out, the solution was only a simple one. Glad I didn't have to go to the service center. At most, I needed not to take my money out of my pocket. Hahaha.

Moral: go learn some computer repair skills... just in case. XD

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Will there be a day I will continue my study, again?

Not like I haven't got any degree yet. I have. One and a half bachelor's degree (half as in half way through only), and one plus two masters degree --which I got because after earning the first one, I still had no jobs and thus decided to take another one again which could be combined with another one making it a double degree. Sounds like a frighteningly success story, doesn't it? 

Yet, it doesn't. The reality is far from it. Being able to pursue my study to masters degree, as it turns out, does not make me feel like I've gained successful days. In actuality, I was only trying to escape from the harshness of real world.

I have never tasted the real life of a working person in this fast-paced world. Yet.

I must say that I am a laid back type of person by nature. Therefore, often times I prefer to do things my way and hate being in under pressure situations... that, of course are part of real work life.

But, people can't always have things their own ways, can they?

Hence, I'm preparing myself to be able to come to terms with how life is. I'm trying to find work that's suitable for me and able to improve me, in any way. 

And, I'm not going to escape again should I fail to get jobs, real jobs. 

But, uh, basically, it's quite hard for me to keep my own promises, ha ha ha.

There's a part of me wanting to work full time and in permanent positions, but at the same time there's me who wish to upgrade my academic status. Yes, I also feel I'm quite absurd.

However, like a saying that many many many people have heard of... Man proposes, but God disposes.

I just hope that whichever way I choose to be and whichever life God grants me, I just hope either will make my life blissful and blessed.

I'm surprisingly a very simple-minded person. 
Yet, not many know of it. Maybe, not even me.

Thursday, August 28, 2014



for the first time in life, 
i wish i were someone else...

Friday, May 30, 2014


a totally random topic

The reason I post the above title in here is because I couldn't figure out just why my brain keeps playing the word... at the very random times; when I ride my motorbike, when I suddenly wanting to write something, or like when I'm reading something.

It just pops up in my mind, like some important thing I shouldn't forget.

Heck, since I keep feeling bothered with this word (because I have no idea why it always randomly appears?)... I decide to as well dedicate a post about it in my blog.

Ahem, only to make sure things, a little bit, I believe I'm not the only person who happen to experience this kind of situation, right?

Because, if not, then... I'll be like a fool. *____*

^What's with you, Notwithstanding? Very nevertheless, in spite of this! *blabbering

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Reward from God

Once upon a time, I was tricked into buying sour tasted mangoes by a wicked seller. Of course, since I couldn't stand the taste, it made me rack my brain to think of how to finish eating all those sour mangoes...

Days passed, I then craved for the sweet and ripe mangoes. The ones I love. I prayed hard and hard that I won't be fooled again when there is a time I buy mangoes in the future.

After sending my prayers, I actually forgot about mangoes the days after. Perhaps because I was busy with my life and stuff. And then, one day, without me knowing it, my mom bought a type of sweet and ripe mangoes. I felt blessed, and thanked God, because the same bitter thing didn't happen to my mom. Well, she's an expert buyer after all. 

Then, after those sweet mangoes were gone, I was given a bag of another sweet kind of mangoes. Some looked young, but they nonetheless tasted delicious. I felt double happy because I didn't have to buy anymore. I had a stock of mangoes already.

And then recently, my bro brought home another bag of sweet mangoes given by his in law. And, I'm still having them. If before I had a difficulty to finish them because they were like lemons, now I have a difficulty to finish them because they are just too many for me to handle. (Not that I complain though)

Ah, I thought that God was truly being gracious to me. I only experienced one hardship of having to eat sour mangoes. But, He has generously replaced (or should I say rewarded) me with three times of the happiness of having to eat sweet mangoes.

‪#‎I thank God, Alhamdulillah‬#

sour to the core: the make my life difficult mangoes